To produce a bronze requires not only the creative process of sculpture, but also a lengthy labor of transmuting that form from clay into the durability and beauty of bronze.

Although most sculptors send their clay models to a foundry to be cast, I turn each piece into bronze in my own backyard, using the ancient “lost wax” technique. From clay to wax to bronze, no hands but my own are involved in the creative process.

Jeanie Stephenson

I learned the “cire perdue”, or “Lost Wax”, method of producing bronze sculptures while I was in college, but it wasn’t until I spent almost twenty years hitch-hiking around the world, driving taxis, teaching high school science and becoming a wife and mother that I became a sculptor. My life experiences are all a part of my work and I try to instill a little of my own joy in the diversity of life into each piece.

I make each piece individually by hand from the original sculpture, through the pouring of the molten metal to the final finishing and patina. Each piece is signed, dated, and ready to hold or display.

To contact the artist, email Jeanie Stephenson at  stephensonsbronze@gmail.com , or call 931-691-3873.

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Stephanie

    We use WordPress and it is a LOT easier than other programs. This looks great! It will help you speed everything up. Maybe you can get your cosmic daughter down here to do it for you. She does ours.

  2. Robin Thompson

    I am looking for a bronze sculpture for my husband that has a lab with a duck in its mouth. Is that a possibility? What would the cost, size be?

  3. Kim Winfree

    I bought the boy with dog today at the craft fair. You were working on a standing poodle. I was wondering how much it will be. May be interested in getting two. No hurry though. Thank you, sure do like the one l got today. The one l couldnt remember that l have was a meerkat, standing. Kim

  4. Carla

    Hello! Love the rabbit we discovered at TACA today. Do you have more of the square botanical tiles? Interested in a collection of 3-5 for my garden room that’s under construction.

  5. Patricia Twilla

    Enjoyed meeting you yesterday & seeing your work. My new bronze okra pod & chocolate chip make me smile. I hope it was a good show for you. Thanks!

    1. jstephen1956 Post author

      Thanks so much Patricia, it was a great show and I really enjoyed meeting you as well. I hope I’ll see you again in September!


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