Grinding Away

I always say  the worst part of my work is cleaning up the bronzes after I have poured them.  It is loud, dirty, grinding work and I can’t even listen to books on tape!

But on the bright side, it brings me to the end of a several week process of sculpturing, making molds, cleaning waxes, making more molds and pouring bronze.  So I finally get to see the finished product.

I have a tendency to put this part off, but as I have no heat in my foundry, this latest Polar Vortex has left me unable to do much else.  It is very hard to work wax with gloves on, and the mold material would freeze so I can’t even mix it up!  Hence, I am getting caught up on all the bronzes that have not gotten their polish. If only I could keep my toes from going numb. . .

Here are a few of the pieces I sawed, polished and patinaed this week:

4 shells top copyShells from Sanibel IslandeagleEagle from Alaska

Small Mouth Bass-7'x4"x4"

Bass from Tim’s Ford Lake

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