A new gallery for me

I am really excited to have my work in the Little Green Store in Monte Sano, in Huntsville, AL.  It is a beautiful place which is about to undergo a renovation which will double the floor space.

Susan Church and I made a trip there yesterday.  She left several of her stunning wooden boxes (some of which incorporated my one-of-a-kind bronzes) and I left about ten of my bronze pieces.

Thanks go to clay artist Ursula Vann for recommending our work to Ana, and to Bonnie for being so enthusiastic!

The Little Green Store on Monte Sano

Grinding Away

I always say  the worst part of my work is cleaning up the bronzes after I have poured them.  It is loud, dirty, grinding work and I can’t even listen to books on tape!

But on the bright side, it brings me to the end of a several week process of sculpturing, making molds, cleaning waxes, making more molds and pouring bronze.  So I finally get to see the finished product.

I have a tendency to put this part off, but as I have no heat in my foundry, this latest Polar Vortex has left me unable to do much else.  It is very hard to work wax with gloves on, and the mold material would freeze so I can’t even mix it up!  Hence, I am getting caught up on all the bronzes that have not gotten their polish. If only I could keep my toes from going numb. . .

Here are a few of the pieces I sawed, polished and patinaed this week:

4 shells top copyShells from Sanibel IslandeagleEagle from Alaska

Small Mouth Bass-7'x4"x4"

Bass from Tim’s Ford Lake

New cat

It is so cold out in the foundry that I have finally got around to adding a few new pictures.  All of these can be found on the Domestic Animal page.

Leaping cat--8""x6"x4"

Bronze Leaping cat–8″”x6″x4″

bronze lamb

Bronze Standing lamb–6″x5″x3″

bronze longhorn

Bronze Longhorn–4″x6″x3″

bronze cat with tail hanging over shelf

Bronze Bob’s Cat

SACA show

It is supposed to be a great day in Sewanee for the annual Family Day Arts and Crafts fair on Saturday (Oct. 18th).  We got some nice publicity on Chattanooga television for the fair.  If you missed it, have a look and you’ll see at least one of my pieces there!  http://www.newschannel9.com/community/features/thisnthat/stories/sewanees-40th-annual-arts-crafts-show-211.shtml

bronze raccoon

Tom the Raccoon–4″x4″x3″

Fall shows

Hey, I’ve been working furiously to get some pieces finished before the shows start again for the fall. I have three coming up before the middle of October.  They are the Tennessee Crafts Fall fair (a first-time for me!) in Nashville Sept. 26-28; The Pink Palace Crafts Fair in Memphis Oct. 10-12, and the SACA Family Weekend Fair in Sewanee on Oct. 18.

Here are some of the pieces I finished today:

bronze toad

bronze toad–2″x3″x3″

bronze sculpture waking griffen

Waking Griffen–7″x8″x8″

bronze diving humpback whale

Humpback Whale–8″x6″x2″

bronze hound resting


Summer’s on its way

The graduation fair in Sewanee last Saturday was my last show for awhile. It was great to see all the familiar faces and many new ones. Now I’m trying to get new work to all my galleries and finish up some commission pieces.
Summer is a great time to stay away from the furnace, but I’ll still be doing a few early morning pours and some new sculptures.  If you have suggestions for sculptures you’d like to see, let me know and I’ll consider them!


Shows coming up!


I have three shows coming up in the next month.  I hope to see lots of friends at them and will have many new pieces of bronze to show.  I’ll be in downtown Knoxville on April 24-27 for the Dogwood Festival Market Square Art Festival.

The first weekend in May I’ll be showing at the Tennessee Craft Fair in Centennial Park in Nashville, then May 10 I’ll be at the Sewanee graduation weekend fair in Shoup Park in Sewanee.

Dipping the wax

I promised some videos of the lost wax process, so here goes:

This is the process of dipping the wax patterns (sculptures put onto a sprueing system–pathways for bronze to enter and gasses to be released).  The process involves coating the pattern with a silica-based slurry, then covering the wet surface with sand.  After it dries the process is repeated five or six times to build up a ceramic shell.

The next step is to burn the wax out of the mold, leaving a hollow shell:

After that I melt the bronze and pour it into the ceramic shell:

I’ll try to get videos of other parts of the process (oh, yes, there are lots more!), eventually.